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Curtain Walls

1600 Wall System®1

Building on the proven success of 1600 Wall System® which set the standards for curtain wall engineering, 1600 Wall System®1 provides reliability with versatile features.

It is stick fabricated, pressure glazed curtain walls for low-to-mid-rise applications and is designed to be used independently or as an integrated system, with 1600 Wall System®2, to provide visual impact for almost any type of building.


Key aspects of 1600 System®1 and 1600 Wall System®2 are enhanced for higher performance.
Pressure equalization has been designed into the system and all components are silicone compatible to provide superior longevity.
For installations where severe weather conditions are prevalent, 1600 Wall System®1 has been large missile hurricane impact and cycle tested.
Proven through years of high performance, both systems are tested according to industry standards:

Air Performance ....................... ASTM E-283
Static Water Penetration .......... ASTM E-331
Dynamic Water Penetration ..... AAMA 501.1
Structural Performance ............ ASTM E-330
U-Factor, CRF .......................... AAMA 1503.1
Sound Transmission Rating ...... ASTM E 90-90
Seismic Performance ............... AAMA 501.4

For the Finishing Touch

Permanodic® anodized finishes that resist abrasion, corrosion and the sun's damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays are available in Class I and Class II in seven different choices.
Painted finishes, including fluoropolymer and powder coatings that meet or exceed AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605 are available in many standard choices and unlimited custom colors.
Powder coatings add the "green" element with solvent-free, high performance, durability and scratch resistance. Meeting AAMA 2604, they provide outstanding durability and scratch resistance.

1600 Wall System®1/1600 Wall System®2:

* for reliability
* for performance
* for versatility
* for a smooth, monolithic appearance
* for uninterrupted sight lines

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